Warning Every Samsung Wearable Owners!!

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Android Pie recently rolled out and there are very less devices that actually got the 9.0 OTA update. But if you own a samsung watch, Android Pie might not be a good news for you.

According to some users on Reddit, they are unable to connect their Samsung gear app to their wearable on Android Pie. This is happening because both the devices are unable to communicate. The Samsung gear app will work on the phone just fine.


The app kept crashing, If they attempt to connect a wearable with the Samsung Gear app on an Android Pie device.And reportedly this is not a problem with specific wearable, the Reddit thread makes it seem that this is a Samsung Gear-wide issue.


This is not the first time that we are hearing about issues like this. Samsung wearable are not among the popular once when it comes to smart watches. Apple Watch takes a clear lead in this industry, where as Motorola takes the second poison in terms of sales.


We are still waiting to hear from Samsung about this issue, as Samsung have chimed in to say that the company is aware of this issue.

Samsung recently launched a new wearable Samsung Galaxy Watch, So hopefully the fix comes soon from the manufacturers.

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