Uber Air Announced Melbourne as Trial City For Flying Taxi Service

The idea of flying taxis were all over the place for couple of years until Uber took a step forward in this aviation style taxi service, and announced Melbourne along with Los Angeles and Dallas as the third official pilot city for Uber Air.

Big claims coming from Uber, saying trips will be priced the same as an UberX taxi rides over the same distance, pretty exciting right. Test Flights are expected in 2020, and will be opened for public in as soon as 2023.


Australian governments have adopted a forward-looking approach to ridesharing and future transport technology.

Susan Anderson Uber Australia GM


The idea behind Uber Air is to reduce road congestion. Eric Allison, global head of Uber Elevate, said a trip from Melbourne’s CBD to its airport would usually take between 25 minutes to an hour, but with Uber Air it’ll be reduced to 10 minutes.

In 2018 company revealed the list of cities that it was planning to launch the aviation project. Cities included Tokyo and Osaka in Japan; India with Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore; Australia in Melbourne or Sydney; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Paris, France.

RMIT University aerospace engineer expert Matthew Marino said the concept would potentially be safer than driverless cars.

“While a driverless car would be faced with obstacles on the road like pedestrians on their mobile phones or other vehicles like trams and buses, aerial autonomous vehicles don’t have these obstructions,” he said.

The company says it will be focusing on high density areas with population of more than 2 million. That makes India remarkably qualifies and needful of these electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles.

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