Samsung Flagship Beats iPhone X

Samsung’s 2018 flagship smartphone Galaxy S9 beats Apple’s iPhone X in internet speed while Google Pixel stands in the middle. Let us see how samsung beats Apple iPhones. Here we go Samsung vs Apple –


Apple’s iPhones trail Samsung and Google devices.$1000 smartphone is far behind from Galaxy S9 in terms of internet speed. According to data from Ookla,the most popular service for checking the internet speed of an internet connection with its app and website.


And FYI, Ookla’s data is important because they are created by the users not in a lab that would include every real world condition like distance from cellular tower and network congestion.


Samsung Beats Apple.

The speed-test data, reviewed by Bloomberg, show that Samsung’s Galaxy S9 phones had an average download speed — across carriers in the U.S. — of 38.9 megabits per second, based on about 102,000 tests over the past three months. The larger model, the S9+, delivered speeds of 38.4 Mbps, according to a sample size of about 169,000 phone connections. The iPhone X on average downloaded data at 29.7 Mbps, based on a 603,000 tests. The iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 were close behind with speeds of 29.4 Mbps and 28.6 Mbps, respectively.

Whats the Reason?

The speeds of smartphone data downloads are determined by a combination of the modem chips used in the device and the software that tunes the hardware. Apple uses a mix of modems from Intel Corp. and Qualcomm Inc. in the newest iPhones. But the Qualcomm modem seems to perform better than Intel, so to balance the difference between both of them variant, Apple uses some software tweaks to lower the performance of the Qualcomm variant to match with the Intel one.


Qualcomm, the biggest manufacturer of mobile chips gave its  own views on this dispute, saying hat Apple phones that don’t use its chips are slower than competing devices, and even those that do, are slower than other devices with the same connection component.

Apple and Qualcomm are now involved in a legal dispute.Apple is arguing that the chipmaker had unfairly used its position in such chips to force it and other phone makers to pay technology licensing fees. Apple has pared back its reliance on Qualcomm and used Intel modems for some of its phones.

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