Future of Virtual Reality. Something in store for us!!!

Virtual Reality in its mere self, is not the addition peripheral vision alone. It’s the setting up of an entire ecosystem identical to reality, now and in the future of VR; but a simulation of it. Does it comprise of complete surround sound, haptic feedback, 3D rendering, etc.? The answer is ‘A Bold Yes’, if we take into consideration not practicalities but the definition of ‘Virtual Reality’ alone.

But Ah, ‘reality’! So narrowing down according to today’s perspective of VR, it is but, seen as a headset resembling a helmet, covering the upper part of the head up till the beginning of nose, held with straps going over the ears, containing… you get the idea (majority of the readers have seen one). It has been more than 23 years since Nintendo released Virtual Boy (1995), but to person new to all this would barely be able to tell many differences between VB and any of today’s top-notch Virtual Reality headsets like the Oculus Rift, at least at the first glance.







‘Virtual Reality is the future,’ now that’s a bold statement. To support this motion, I present before you few examples, inspired by daily life, which would help a layman to consider the argument:

  • A complete emulation is what you call a rendered reality. Now render a little reality for a combat trainee. He’ll now be spared of some considerable amount of pain, if not the entire of it. Every person, even the king of MMA fighters, try to escape pain, given the chance, let alone escaping unnecessary pain. The betterment of VR would thus be a great step towards a futuristic training environment and seeing the potential, it’s obvious that it would be promoted.
  • The future of gaming will be entirely different, as we got few glimpses of future gaming from the Bollywood movie Ra.One(Remember that was 2012). There will be no ‘sitting on the couch playing games’, instead, put it this way, your body replicates the character in the game.
  • Simply put, its fun.



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