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Ford’s tech is the new solution for covid-19? Helping police kill Coronavirus

Ford has introduced a new software in its latest SUV curated for police. The reason for the same is that the software is designed to kill the coronavirus by baking the SUV’s cabin with heat. Yes, you heard it right. Modern problems lead to modern solutions, indeed!

While this pandemic has already taken thousands of lives, every sector, that includes the automation sector is trying to do its little bit to help the health care sectors in this battle. 

The good part is that the company is making sure that the software is available across all Police Interceptor Utility vehicles in the United States, Canada along with other parts of the world that use Ford vehicles.

“First responders are on the front lines protecting all of us. They are exposed to the virus and are in dire need of protective measures. We looked at what’s in our arsenal and how we could step up to help. In this case, we’ve turned the vehicle’s powertrain and heat control systems into a virus neutralizer”, said Hau Thai-Tang, the Ford chief product development and purchasing officer.

The interior of the SUV is baked. How do they do it? By turning up the heater beyond 133-degrees F for 15 minutes. 99% of the viral concentration inside the vehicle reduces by following this process.
The SUV’s powertrain along with its climate control system is put into use in order to increase the temperature. Ford along with Ohio State University had conflicted research to determine the temperature range and time required to reduce the virus’s effectiveness. 

Also, the system not only monitors the cabin temperature but also maintains it for 15 minutes. This process is then followed up by a cool-down period which brings the temperature back to normal. The company suggests that sanitization guidelines should be followed with regard to the usage of the software and the vehicle.


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