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Facebook staff angry with Mark Zuckerberg not taking action against Trump’s post, many resigned

An extended conference was held by Mark Zuckerberg with his employees, which addressed all the allegations that were put on Facebook. The allegations involved the company allowing misinformation and gaining promotions out of violence from the American President.

Zuckerberg admits that he should’ve been more transparent to his employees about this entire situation. He added on by saying that a “pretty thorough” evaluation of Trump’s posts was done, saying that the choice to avoid labeling or removing them was difficult but correct.

mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg describes being upset about the post but at the same time decides to keep aside his opinions and stick with the company policies. “Likely this decision has incurred a massive practical cost for the company to do what we think is the right step”, adds Zuckerberg.

Facebook took a different step and didn’t follow Twitter here. The consequence for the same was the employees staging a virtual walkout on Monday, as the CEO’s decision was quite controversial I must say! Zuckerberg said that Facebook believes in free expression and provides a platform for the same. He says that people have the right to speak up, as long as they’re not harming anybody.

Mark Zuckerberg in conversation with CNBC:

Zuckerberg further justified himself by adding that the policies that allowed the American President to post also allowed the footage of George Floyd’s death, regardless the fact that it was disturbing to watch. It’s an aspect of giving people a voice that i’m quite proud of”, says the CEO.

Zuckerberg is also planning on launching a ‘voter hub’ with authoritative information. He also said that if the United States saw a “prolonged period of civil unrest,” the company might reexamine its policy on limiting or labeling messages that could promote violence.”

Facebook is likely to face more internal questions about its fact-checking policies. Two employees have publicly resigned over the company’s handling the situation. But the CEO ended the call on an assurance that the company’s “net impact” on the world is positive.

I believe that we’ve given a lot of people a voice that they wouldn’t have otherwise


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