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Crucible: Amazon releases its first ever video game

Founded by Jeff Bezos, Amazon is now evidently the largest online-marketplace. Their vision is to become this planet’s most customer-centric company where people can discover anything with just a click. Well, they really are taking their vision pretty seriously as the company recently launched their first ever big-budget video game called Crucible. Amazon is trying hard to stretch itself, as the new video game will be put into a test after it’s release. Let us see crucible (एमाज़ॉन.कॉम crucible):

Crucible is free to play and available on steam.

The company has kept the game for free to play on PCs. The team-based action game involves the players to hunt down all the creatures and enemies on a planet that’s distant. The game-play is dependent on the choices the player makes. The player gets 10 hunters to choose which includes a robotic botanist named Bugg, who’s the game’s obvious poster child.

Each hunter has their own weapons along with strengths that they must use in order to defeat not only their opponents but also the planet’s flora and fauna. When we talk about the characters of the game, they’re easily recognizable from a distance. One needs to coordinate with the team members along with working on the strengths and adapting to the changes in the game-play.

Crucible has three game modes- “Heart of the Hives” which is a 4 vs. 4 battle mode; the “Alpha Hunters” which has eight teams of two against each other. Finally, the “Harvester Command” which has two teams of eight battle to capture and activate essence harvesters across the map.

The company is planning to earn money by selling online merchandise along with seasonal battle passes. In addition to all of this, Amazon has planned to give an 8-week pre-season period which will allow all the players to learn skills and build-on strategies before Season-1 starts.

One of the things that we hear most often from people who try Crucible is that it feels unique

VP Amazon Gaming

Amazon’s gaming section can help in attracting talent and create a stronger reputation for the company. It’s been a few years since Amazon has been in the gaming business. It all started in 2012 when the company entered in-game publishing to gain more subscribers for Amazon Prime. Amazon has been so competitive since it successfully launched an amazon shooter game during this pandemic.

Twitch’s players and streamers have been participating in the development of this game in the earlier stages which might help in terms of marketing new releases. Twitch has said that ads on the platform to promote EA’s Apex Legends game helped it get 25 million unique users in a week.

amazon crucuble cover
amazon crucuble screenshot
amazon crucuble screenshot
amazon crucuble screenshot
amazon crucuble
amazon crucuble screenshot
amazon crucuble cover amazon crucuble screenshot amazon crucuble screenshot amazon crucuble screenshot amazon crucuble amazon crucuble screenshot

Frazzini who is the Vice President of Amazon Games says. “There are elements and game-play mechanics that feel familiar, but they’re combined in a way that’s different from anything else they’ve played.” However, it’s not an easy task to create an impact on people in terms of your game, and make sure that the gaming experience is beautifully unique in its own way. Only time can tell.

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