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Asteroid Bigger Than Empire State Building Will Fly by Earth this Week

While the asteroid may be bigger than the Empire State Building, it will be more than 5 million kilometers away from our planet, given the undiscovered size of the universe it will be labeled as ‘An asteroid will be flying near the Earth.’

Interestingly, asteroid reports are coming as soon as we entered the month of June in which lies the Asteroid Day on the 30th.

163348 (2002 NN4) is the name given to this asteroid, is expected to travel at a velocity of 11,146 kilometers per hour and will pass by near the Earth on Saturday, June 6, according to LADbible.

While it is considered small in ‘absolute terms’, the asteroid is still larger than 90 percent of others.

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The asteroid is potentially larger than the Empire State Building in New York which has a total height of 0.4432km.

The 2002 NN4 is thought to orbit the sun every 300 days (0.82 years). It comes as close as 0.50 AU from the Earth and moves as far as 1.26 AU from the sun. It completes a rotation on its axis every 14.50 days.

Meanwhile, the 2002 NN4 asteroid is probably between 0.254 to 0.568 kilometers in diameter, based on its brightness and the way it reflects light. In absolute terms, it is bigger than 90% of asteroids, which are about the size of a football field.

The asteroid may fly past us several times in the future – round 30 predicted at the moment, but SpaceReference says it doesn’t plan to come back to see us until June 2029. So better go take a look at it.

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