Apple WWDC giving us something to expect of future iPhone & iWatch?

With four products announced in this year’s Apple WWDC on September 12, 2018 namely the iPhones XMax, XS, XR and the series 4 Apple watch, quite some light was stolen by the trillion dollar giant. As expected by some and predicted by others, the products were exorbitantly priced, even though ironically the company announced their least priced entry, the XR as the new ‘budget’ iPhone.


Well, the iPhone 5s was announced at a retail price of 650 USD & it barely seemed like a very affordable option at that time. Comparing it to the iPhone XR which is priced at 749 USD, we don’t see how it proves their statment. However, an argument in favor of apple, is that they are quite undoubtedly the sellers of premium products, and lowering the price by any greater margin might defeat that purpose itself.

Apple Series 4 Watch

apple watchSeen by many as the clear show stealer, the Apple series 4 watch outshone the three iPhones which re-expressed every year’s WWDC tradition of having not many significant feature changes. Not by any surprise, the wearable has seen quite a successful campaign & has become the world’s most sold watch. This is only a result of adding consistent ‘observable’ improvements to the line and it wouldn’t be wrong to say the same would happen for the iPhones, if they employ identical methodologies.


No wonder, companies like OnePlus claimed their new found market by implying and re-implying over this concept. Of course, improvement becomes a compulsion when rivals improve! (You hear us Apple? Change that charging cable! ).

Keynote by The Verge

Now coming over to what this year’s WWDC gave us for future considerations. We can expect & hope that iPhone prices drop more significantly, and actually fall in the ‘affordable product of the common man’ bracket. Surely, Apple series 4 watch was quite a presentation, but its only a matter of time until an Android counterpart releases something similar at a price range with humongous cost difference, with respect to the former (We’ll have to check if they haven’t already! ).


This is quite probable especially when Qualcomm has released Snapdragon Wear 3100, which as written on The Verge is,“meant to extend battery life, enhance always-on displays, and offer more versatility when it comes to sports devices and fitness sensors,” for Android wearable gear.





Apple surely didn’t meet the low budget expectation, but we may just as well admit that we kind of believed this would happen. The retail prices are quite high & we aren’t even talking about the added costs like shipping. Apple did do well in the vessel of wearable gear, but it might be true that the iPhone is getting a little boring, when we witness the flagships (iPhones XMax & XS), improving in mere margins from their predecessors (iPhone X & 8). However, Apple has always had a grip over their market, and there surely is a customer satisfaction attached to it and if Apple can provide the same at a justifiable price point, they could run a monopoly.

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