Facebook Ads Manager Have Some Serious Issues

Things to remember while advertising on Facebook .


If you wants to advertise and promote your content like blogs, websites or pages, Facebook Ads would be the first thing that will pop up in your head. As it ‘seems’ to be the easiest way to advertise. But it not what its look like, lets find out why :

I am not gonna give an example of any other company facing problems with Facebook ads, our Ghetto Team itself reported these issues. As we tried to promoted our blog on Facebook, the admin account of the official page TechoGhetto was flagged and advertising was banned for no reason.

We tried to contact Facebook support but we were unable to get any useful help. Our team then made a second account to manage the page and tried to advertise again with the second account. Here is what Happened –


The Real Problem

As we were ready with our ad campaign and ready to pay the advertising fees. Facebook deducted a totally random amount from the bank account, which was no where near the amount we fixed. But the real problem was when the ads were not running and not delivering after the successful approval from Facebook. We repeated the same process to create more ad campaigns and use different settings to make it work. But it did not work at all.



Worldwide Issue

As we did some research, we encountered hundreds if not thousands, of people struggling with the same problem and were unable to get any help from Facebook. When they tried to contact the support, everyone literally got the same reply “There are several reasons why your ad may be approved but not delivering. To see the most common causes for no delivery and how to fix them, I recommend looking at this article from our Help Center”

So you would think, yea there the solution in that help center link, whats the big deal now. Let me blow your mind by saying that link didn’t t work (at least when we tried to open it).

In other Facebook forums, the company claimed that bad bidding strategy might be the problem. Maybe, but not in our case because in our ad campaign we tried several bidding strategy and even set it to automatic to get the best results.

Here is the funny part, Facebook even approved and activated our other ads without taking a penny, but as expected they were not working and not delivering ads.



But Lets Face It

Facebook and Instagram have billions of active users and can be proved the best option for advertisers. As Facebook ads and Instagram ads goes hand-in-hand. Now i am not saying that this Ads Manager by Facebook is a total crap, Its not. There are marketing companies spending thousands of dollar every month for advertising in Facebook and take the advantage of the large number of users this Silicon Valley Giant have.

But its not as easy as they claim it is. Before running an ad campaign you should have knowledge of several things like Bidding Strategy, Audience Selection, Competitive Content etc. If anything gets wrong the ads would simply wont work and you lose your money, as Facebook support is really a crap. They will provide you a broken link and the same message mentioned above.

If you are thinking to advertise, i would suggest give it a second thought and make sure every thing is perfect in your ad campaign and then go for it.


I think Facebook really should take a look into the the Facebook ads support team and should improve the quality of solutions and reply they provide. Instead of giving the users broken links they should give a step-by-step guide to resolve the issue and take a look into every users problem rather then giving everyone the same answer. Which do not work either.


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